Innovative 15.5x8 FL Star

We train engineering students and industrial corporate engineers.We also provide job based  research on live projects and solutions to engineers and industry . We works for Industrial product development . We works on software and Hardware applications. We design Mechanical, electrical , electronics & software applications. We also provide six weeks and six months training to Industrial Engineers. Training charges according to student knowledge and daily time they will works in our lab. Electronics projects , electrical projects and mechanical project based training to engineering students.

Computer Training + Electronics Training + Electrical Training + Mechanical Training- Industrial Training +Production Training + Civil Training

Duration – Six Weeks and Six Months Industrial Engineering Training Programs for Diploma and Degree Students
SIX WEEKS TRAINING FEES RS. 6000 For 2018 batch.

NOTE- Register Your training Before 15 April 2018 and get Extra Discount. For registration submit advance Rs 500 and fill registration letter in Office. 

Software Training + Industrial Training – Six Months , Three Months and Two months Training Programs.

Corporate Training Programs

Student Training Programs:

 Embedded System– Rs 6000 for 8051/avr/pic

IOT based Training- Rs 10000

GSM Modem Based Training Rs 10000

ARM Proccesor ARM7 LPC2148 Rs 6000 for six weeks

VLSI on FPGA, CPLD– Rs 10000 for six weeks

     PLC Automation– Rs 6000 for six weeks

Java– rs 6000 for six weeks

Mechanical Projects and Training– Rs 6000/six weeks

Arduino Rs 6000/six weeks

Electrcial – PLC Automation– Rs 6000/ six weeks

Software Training of Electrical Rs 6000/six weeks

 Software Training in Electronics

 Software Training in Mechanical

Embedded Training -8051- Rs 6000 only 100% surety of satisfaction
VHDL training + PCB design Rs. 6000 for six weeks + Hardware project on VHDL -Only institute provide training on FPGA CPLD- Other will Provide theory only
Raspberry Pi Training Fees rs. 6000- New coming easy to interface VGA and Ethernet
Arduino Training –1500- For robotics Studenst easy to understand- Very easy embedded system
AVR- Advance Controllers atmega series
Embedded Training- 8051 or avr or pic or PLC- combination can be selected
PIC- Rs 3000 only
Embedded Training ARM processor+ PCB Design- advanced embedded processor for dsp and complex applications
PLC training- Easy to understand
Java- Advance and Core- always and evergreen software programming

Computer Course
Electrical CAD , MATLAB
Mechanical Industrial Training
VB language
PCB Design
C/ C++
Tally- Accounts software- authorised certificates from Tally Champs