ORCAD Software

1. Introduction to OrCAD Capture/Layout Design
-Different types of PCB tools.
-Description of OrCAD design software
Labs: Exhibit of typical schematics, PCBs, Components and actual built PCBs.
2. Introduction to OrCAD Schematic Capture
-Creating a New Project.
-Description of various menu items in Capture.
Labs: Draw a schematic using various tools from OrCAD Schematic Entry.
3. Library Creation
-New component creation.
-Creating many parts in multiple packages.
-I/O Ports Key reading programs
Labs: Create a new part and update it in the schematic.
4. Creating Netlist, Design Rule Check
-Generating Netlist from the schematics.
-Generating Bill Of Materials (BOM).
Labs: Generate the Netlist and BOM for the schematic.
5. Introduction to Printed Circuit Board
-Different PCB layers.
-Pad Stacks, Vias, Track, Drill sizes.
Labs: Identify the various tracks in a given PCB.
6. Introduction to OrCAD PCB Layout
-Various tools in PCB layout.
-Description of various menu items.
Labs: Generate the PCB .max file for the schematic.
7. Introduction to Footprint creation
-Description of Library Manager and menu items.
-Different types of footprints.
Labs: Create a footprint for the new part generated.
8. Importing Netlist and Placement
-Creating a board outline.
-Importing netlist and technology files.
Labs: Create a board outline and place all the components
9. Introduction to Manual/Auto Routing
-Changing track angles and widths.
-Board stitching – Vias
Labs: Routing the board, changing track widths.
10. Introduction to Gerber generation
-Different gerber files.
-Tools used to generate gerber files.

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