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Electronics design Automation

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Electronic Design Automation

E DA for electronics has rapidly increased in importance with the continuous scaling of semiconductor technology. The term EDA is also used as an umbrella term for computer-aided engineering, computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing of electronics in the discipline of electrical engineering.EDA tools are also used for programming design functionality into FPGAs.EDA tools arc the back bone of electronics industry. Today the excellence in designing can be achieved due to of high core end features like:-

Design and Architecture, Floor planning, Logic synthesis, EDA databases, Simulation and Logic simulation, Power analysis and optimization, Place and route, Design for Manufacturability. Design closure. Design rule checking, Layout versus schematic, Layout extraction, Automatic test pattern generation.

Syllabus for Electronic Design Automation PROFESSIONAL

• Concept and need of EDA
• Introduction to EDA software
• Concept of PCB Design
• High end Components used in Electronic Industries
• Introduction to Package built and type of components
• Introduction to OrCAD
• Design Environment
• Concept of analogue electronics
• Basic schematic rules
• Design flow & Schematics
• Capture CIS
• Professional features
• Managing parts and libraries
• Editing tool Handling
• Adding text and graphics
• Making new parts
• Linking of schematics
• Hybrid Designs
• Print & plotting
• Compatibility check
• Editing of Net list
• DRC & Processing of design
• PSPICE Simulator
• Tina pro simulator
• Tools & Design editing
• Waveform analysis
• Simulation models
• Check points on board
• Layout Plus
• Concept of ECO & Making design files
• Managing footprints & libraries
• Optimized component library
• Making new footprints
• Tool handling for design
• Preliminary setting for making design
• Types of routing
• MULTI layer routing
• Auto placement
• Auto routing
• Concept of fuzzy logic
• Fuzzy logic Smart routing
• Drill management
• DRC & Back annotation
• Post Processing
• Working with SMD devices
• Project Implementation Using SMD’s
• Introduction to Gerber tool
• Greb tool handling
• Optimization of design
• Final Project