SCO54, New Grain Market, Gill Road , Ludhiana

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Six weeks training Ludhiana Since 2003

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VHDL training + PCB design Rs. 3000 for six weeks + Hardware project on VHDL -Only institute provide training on FPGA CPLD- Other will Provide theory only
Raspberry Pi Training Fees rs. 3000- New coming easy to interface VGA and Ethernet
Arduino Training – 3000- For robotics Studenst easy to understand- Very easy embedded system
AVR- Advance Controllers atmega series
Embedded Training- 8051 or avr or pic or PLC- combination can be selected
8051- 100% surety of satisfaction
Embedded Training ARM processor+ PCB Design- advanced embedded processor for dsp and complex applications
PLC training- Easy to understand
Java- Advance and Core- always and evergreen software programming
Computer Course
Electrical CAD , MATLAB
Mechanical Industrial Training
VB language
PCB Design
C/ C++
Tally- Accounts software- authorised certificates from Tally Champs